Monthly Archives: December 2011

Into the Cloud – Up, Up and Away!

Cloud right now is becoming more crucial to the Irish SME’s business operations. In Ireland, many small businesses are now finally coming around to the Cloud. Many would have thought technological upgrading (in a solicitors or accountants office) would be the last thing on their minds given the current instability in the Irish market. Much of the reason for this shift to the Cloud is that entry level into the Cloud is cost efficient, Irish Cloud companies coming to the fore, & a clear opportunity being present.

While some SME’s are finding themselves being shoe-horned into the cloud with the large well known cloud providers for services above & beyond their needs, the others who are braving the new cloud frontier are now engaging with the more ‘local’ cloud providers that are answering the needs of small to medium Irish businesses. For companies, the route into dependence on cloud computing was driven by economics. Building and running IT services for employees is an expensive and unrewarding business.

Sure the idea of the Cloud sounds great but still feels complicated & too abstract for many. However this is in part a misconception that SMEs will land themselves with mounds of process manuals and the likes when in reality much of the complication will be taken care of by the cloud providers (or at least should be in the ideal world). And this is where the specialist small cloud companies come clearly into a league of their own. These will be far more flexible tailoring their services for your needs while always keeping the ideal of ‘personal service’ to the fore.

Dropbox has become an extremely popular service for users looking for cloud-based storage and a better way to manage and collaborate on files, keep their many digital collections in sync across systems, and easily share large files. For more information take a look at the following links: